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Welcome to AberMTB

Welcome to the home of Aberystwyth University's mountain bike society sponsored by Summit Cycles and Continental Tyres.

Our club is mostly about messing around on mountain bikes be that XC, dirt jumping, downhilling or for the more...unstable members of the club, road biking! We're very lucky here in Aberystwyth in that the many hills surrounding us provide ample opportunities to destress (and detox) from student life as well as plenty of trails, from the way marked to those you'll only find with local knowledge. Regardless of whether your a seasoned veteran of the trails or a complete novice you'll be sure to improve your skills and meet some interesting people along the way riding with AberMTB.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and get involved with our group to stay up to date with rides, socials and special events. If you have any questions feel free to contact the president, Tim at Hopefully we'll be seeing you on the trails soon.